Investment Firm XY.

The trigger.

The rise of startups is massive. A 100 million newly founded every year, it seems an unstoppable force. And yet, so many do not make it first base and go faster in decay than they were born. There are ton of reasons why one is able or not able to survive.





The needs.

Many are not able to get in touch with private investors, or presented a board deck that made or broke their case. Some others are excellent in their skills, but lack leadership or firepower within the business.


The list can be endless, but we believe that you only need one good reason not to quit on your disruptive concept. We are that reason.

The synergy.

We combine X and Y, and as a private placement investment firm, StartUpSeed can make many blockers disappear. We place the entrepreneur first. Every startup will get their shot.


The ones that can rock their categories, will get connected with our private investor network. The ones not ready, but with potential – will get our support and shape it into something acceptable towards investors.



The solution.

More often, startups not only require capital. A wide spectrum of skills paired with capital injection, even on an interim bases can get them a long way. StartUpSeed offers this solution directly or with partners across the world. 


Does that define us as an incubator? Absolutely not. Our model is focused on helping the entrepreneur first, and not chipping away loads of equity stake in the business. We offer a constructive solution where you focus on inventing the future, so we can invest in it.

Our Spectrum


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