Consultancy, on a savage level.

We are not superheroes, but we know a thing or two.

You are as strong as your weakest link. Our team would break limits on a super sonic level to reach your goals. Apart from our own team, we established relationships worldwide with experts that can help you in specific categories.

We are not superheroes, but we like to go Super Saiyan and put our minds and hands to a good use. 

Savage Level 1000%.

We are aware that you might need to use some unconventional methods to get the job done. If you need something done in a more creative way, we are all game to go savage and place your business on the map with a well outlined, yet original method.

Sandcastles into bricks.

Never build a sandcastle on a marble floor. As a consultancy firm, we glue all the pieces together. We turn the downsides into upsides. Our team is ready to lay corner stones for you. We go from analysis to mental support and advice. Whatever is needed to survive storms in a start-up

Backbones & roadmaps.

Genius idea, But lacks execution? Not sure how to handle your daily operations as a founder in a start-up? We provide the full support, the line of defense and help you to project strength to others. We build the roadmap with you and join you on that ride.

Need a hero?

We are partially a consultancy firm for standalone projects. We prefer the combination of what StartUpSeed stands for, but we do not like to let anyone in the cold and lend us our cape. 

If you are interested in  our XY model , and help you on key factors and pillars, do not hesitate to contact us.

Get in touch.

We primarily consult for early stage startups and founders looking to raise capital through our network. Contact us


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