Accelerator, 5.0

 Gear Up With Online Media.

Being an accelerator is very broad and flexible term. Apart from our investment XY model, and a possible backbone, StartUpSeed can take it under certain conditions to a next level. 

We are working hard in the background  to expand our online media network (digital publishing), in various niches. The goal? Building the cycle of data and having an added layer of value available to startups after their series of funding.

So, Why?

The world of digital has changed, with its ups and downs, but one thing remained consistent: The search and volume of trends by billions of people around the world. Potential customers for most niche markets can be found, based on behaviour, impulses and environment.

The more we can expand our network, the more chance we can help startups backed by our network into succeeding on first base, or later stage. Educating your target group is key. And content marketing or display advertising plays today a big role into that. We can accelerate you, not only with skills and consultancy, but also in a value that can lower your burn rate from day one.

Educating your target group is your priority. Benchmark your startup, with our support.

We are a private placement investment firm at first, but we believe the online media factor can cause a great boost for disruptive startups. 

Our team of online media specialists, copywriters and SEO hardcore addicts is a great addition to StartUpSeed.

We focus on the following categories:

Young Parenting / Education / Children / Lifestyle / Travel / Pregnancy 


Get in touch.

Certain conditions and terms apply for our digital accelerator program. Ask us about it, and our rate cards for externals not funded via StartUpSeed.


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