About StartUpSeed Europe.

The firm, for every startup. For every investor.

StartUpSeed Investments Europe is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. A firm that has the vision to disrupt early stage funding for startup founders facing the same common issues over and over again. We help you raising capital by connecting you directly to the investor(s). We have no limits, and give every individual out of every country the fair chance.

A firm for everyone where entrepreneurs do not have to worry about suits, bells and whistles and where a solid or disruptive concept gets our support in a 360 degree matter.

Our mission is to support the micro economy, and guide both sides of the table. Whether you are new to the game or seasoned. StartUpSeed is here to facilitate your needs. 

 A mission to fuel and accelerate.

We saw the classic investment models fail too many times, it hurts our hearts. From a slow process to giving up too much equity to a standard incubator. Too many got burnt by classic structures, and we are here to change that by closing that bridge faster than most of the investment firms can do across the world. You can consider us as the fuel needed help you funded. Before we connect you with potential investors, we get you prepped on every level.

When we say accelerate, our definition is slightly different than your regular accelerator. Our objective is to accelerate your funding and support the entrepreneur on multiple levels, without demanding a high portion of equity or retainers. Our team focuses on capital raise. We will give you advice, go through your decks and documentation and tackle any encounters with you.  We do offer consultancy, but that is applicable in other scenarios.

There is no halfway for us, we like to go Super Saiyan, or not all.

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