About StartUpSeed

StartUpSeed is a private placement investment firm, ready to rock and disrupt the scenes on a worldwide level. We are on a mission to accelerate micro funding, and close the bridge between the startup and the investor network. We validate, curate and negotiate from start to finish with a transparent process for both sides of the table.



What We Do 

  1. Investment firm XY
  1. We fuel and help startups that cannot meet the requirements of a classic VC and help them raise capital.

Savage Consultancy

We go Super Saiyan and become a backbone with a wide spectrum of skills. From lean planning to launch. 


Accelerator 5.0

We can accelerate your startup and place you on the map worldwide. We transform you from a startup to scaleup.


Our Process


  1. Send in you pitch deck with the necessary documents and requirements.


Validation / Curation

We validate, valuate and curate your business. Including a due diligence request.



We connect, pitch and help you raise capital in our investor pool.

Raising Capital For Your StartUp?


Looking To Invest In StartUps?


The majority of startups are left in the cold. We are here to change that. We believe in micro-economy. 

Our firm is made for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Europe is a scattered continent. Bright minds, brilliant ideas but most of them are left in the cold. Unable to get capital from a bank, and too low for a VC firm. Cornered by a classic incubator and giving up way too much equity? Sounds familiar? That is why StartUpSeed came to life. To tackle the most common challenges face during their inception. We aim to fund startups between 0€ and 250K€ and truly help them without hurting their early stage process. We understand the needs. We give every startup a fair shot to pitch their idea to us, without restrictions.

Our Values


For startups

  • We understand startups do not have unlimited runway or fuel in an early stage when raising capital. We often saw founders getting cornered & making last minute decisions which placed them in a more awful position. The major reason? The process of funding, can take up to 9 months, even a year. From pitching to term sheets, signing the deal. It is a stretch. 
  • StartUpSeed is aiming to accelerate the funding process (up to three months or less) and its whole, by motivating both sides of the table and give them a helping hand. The platform and backend allows us and the investor to have a transparent, clear and direct overview.
  • Our additional questions towards the startup will determine if they lack more than just capital. Nothing that cannot be solved. We can act as interim consultants, or a true backbone for your startup and pave the roadmap with you. Our wide spectrum of skills goes from business planning to digital strategy.  If you need help, capital or some power behind the power? Then StartUpSeed will be your go-to.
  • We treat every startup equally, listen to each and every one of them and (e)valuate your current situation. Whether your need 5K or 250K in seed money, it will not make a difference. Our range of investors go from new BAs, to seasoned investors. 

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@startupseedeurope.com 


For Investors

  • As a private placement investment firm, we bring the startups to you. We help you to facilitate the deal flow and curate startups based on your personal preference. We are not placing your capital under our AUM, as we like you to stay in control of your own money.
  • Finding the proper deals and size can be a stretched process, and StartUpSeed Europe is here to help you along the way. As an introducing broker and advisor. Our strict process for startups will ensure us and you that we only pitch and present the startups with potential, without forcing the investor. The final decision will always be yours. This is where we can separate ourselves from a classic venture capital firm. 
  • StartUpSeed will connect you with the startups you are interested in , and we stay in the middle for both sides of the table. We stay clear and transparent in our involvements and we do not participate in double ending success fees.
  • New to investing? Not a problem. We have our KYC process and build your profile according to your capacity, needs and longterm goals. 

For a more detailed, in-depth knowledge about our modus operandi: e-mail us at investing@startupseedeurope.com


For Firms

  • We often get in contact with other firms. From M&A to Private Equity and VC. We are always open to listen and build a two-way cooperation between you and StartUpSeed Investments. We do come across many startups, that require a different range of capital or are about to go from startup to scaleup. And we assume it goes the other way around, as many might not fit in your range or category, we are happy to take a look and work out an IB agreement. 
  • We also have some heavy investors worldwide in our network on the search for acquisitions or larger deals. We are happy to get them to you, through us. 
  • Our goal is to support micro-economy worldwide. There are no boundaries in partnerships. From USA to ASIA. 

For any enquiry or question please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@startupseedeurope.com 

What We Represent 

When representing both sides of the table, it requires a different angle. We want both to succeed and present a quality deal flow to investors or connect a startup with an understanding investor. We give our full support, whether you are building it, or investing.

Lean Planning100%
Open Communication100%
Entrepreneurial Mindset100%
Consultancy On A Savage Level100%
Support 360 Degrees100%


 I am a venture capitalist on a bold mission. Believes micro-economy is the ones we should take care of. Improve the European emerging markets and give everyone a fair shot and disrupt the classic VC structures, worldwide.


VC / Hedge Fund / Mergers / Acquisitions / Exit Strategies / Problem Solving Business Structuring / Corporate Relationship Management / Commercial Accumen / General Management / SEM / Digital Strategy / Media Buying / Data Analytics

NL / FR / DE / ENG  

Pieter – Founder of StartUpSeed, CIO and coffee addict 

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